Sunday, February 19, 2006

Zurich, Switzerland, the invasion of Starbucks

Starbucks, cofffeeshop and lifestyle center.
After having conquered the VS, Starbucks is moving into Europe. They opened two outlets in the old center of Zurich. I like them for the fact they seem to understand what moves a young intelligent crowd. Every Starbucks has a little 'lounge' where you will find students or young proffessionals with a laptop or a book. I noticed a big difference between the Starbucks in Princeton, US I know so well and the outlets in Zurich. In Zurich they are serving coffee in beautifull big stone cups, whereas in the VS they only serve coffee in cardboard cups. This means they are adapting their concept to the European lifestyle.
The arrogance of Belgian cafe's and coffeeshops will lead to their defeat. They are not differentiating their ' coffee-products'. They are still serving coffee the old style. A cafe owner I know claims Europeans will never fall for cardboard cups and latte machiato's. He is so wrong.