Friday, March 31, 2006

Mama, the water talks to me !

The Importance of Visualization.
Soon we will have colored water leaving our taps. It may sound weird or even farfetched. But only at first sight. In reality this is an earthquake in our bathrooms.
We, humans, already deserved to have colored water for more than 2000 years. Only now we have the technology to actually let the water talk to us and indicate whether it is cold (blue), warm (rose) or hot (red). Imagine the importance for our children!

The color of the water is an answer to a question everyone poses himself in the nanosecond before he reaches out to wash his hands. It is a question we ask ourselves without even realizing it anymore. But our primitive system does raise the question. It wants to protect us from burning our hands. Hot or cold? That is what we need more, products that really talk to us.

(Pictures, the design taps from the German company Hansa. Today for the Happy Few, tomorrow for everybody)