Thursday, September 28, 2006

"Flanders fits you"

Blauw 2945 100/45/0/14% 0/87/166 ID649F 5017
Paars 5135 47/64/28/0% 140/92/122 956E8E 4001
Oranje 153 0/46/100/18% 184/105/5 D18316 2000
Groen 356 95/0/100/27% 0/115/54 00853E 6010
Rood 704 0/90/72/29% 158/38/41 B42C33 3002
Geel 123 0/24/94/0% 252/201/23 FEC423 1004
Zwart Black 0/0/0/100% 0/0/0 000000 9005

What is this code?
This code is the new Flanders, the region in Belgium where I come from. The Government of Flanders decided to create a proper logo. Flemings can apply for the use of the logo in their own organisation, company or service. The figures above indicate the colorconfiguration of the logo for external printers. One sentence struck me when I read the press-kit. "The new logo is thus not the logo of the Flemish Government, but of Flanders, which is precisely why it can be used by any Flemish organisation or service for its own communication abroad.".
Baseline to go with the logo is in 4 languages: "Flanders fits you", "La Flandre vous va bien", "Flanderen passt zu dir", "Vlaanderen past je perfect".

Graphically speaking, the new logo is used as sub-logo, which means that it is subordinate to the logo of the relevant organisation or service itself. It is a qualitative label of origin, an “appellation d’origine”, which says: “This is from Flanders.”