Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Wall Street Journal Europe, Future Leadership Program, Birkbeck College, London

A part of my new job at The Wall Street Journal Europe means being responsible for The Future Leadership Program. I am slowly beginning to understand what a powerful tool was being given to me.

A major part of The Future Leadership Program consists of the daily delivery of roughly 9.000 newspapers to 120 top universities all over Europe (divided over 19 countries). I embarked on an exiting exploration of how our newspapers are displayed at these Universities, how the newspaper is perceived by the students, which professors are referring to the paper, which universities would be interested in a closer relationship with The WSJE...

I started my adventure in London and walked three days from one university to another. I must admit it were the best three days of my professional life this year. It was for the first time in 5 years working for Dowjones that I met so many people on the field who really liked our product, who really enjoyed it, used it, read it, even studied it.
The attached pictures show the new entrance of Birkbeck College in the heart of London where WSJE is to be found at a prominent position in the library. A poster welcomes the visitors with a quote merging the essence of my new job (education) with the essence of my former function (distribution operations). It couldn't be more symbolically.

(The poster says: "A center of evening education at the highest level is as essential to a world city as a good transport system. Professor Eric Hobsbawm)