Friday, October 05, 2007

A Glorifying Homage to Life

During our 3th quarter meeting my new boss at The Wall Street Journal Europe invited us to look at a video he found at the top of a "most e-mailed" and "most viewed" article list. What had struck him was the fact that the subject of the video was not of the "breaking news" kind, on the contrary the subject of the video seemed to be an excerpt of a seminar dated back several weeks ago. Not your usual top of "most e-mailed" articles. Apparently the videopost seemed to be picked up by more and more people the last couple of days who started sending around the video to their friends, who then forward it to their friends etc etc... The video shows Carnegie Mellon Professor Randy Pausch giving a "Last Lecture". Usually a "Last Lecture" is a gimmick at some top universities to give professors the opportunity to present their thoughts and ideas as if they were their final ones. In the case of Randy Paush this is a somewhat morbid reality. The healthy looking 46 year old professor, father of 3, was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and was told he only had a few more months to live. That is also the onset of his "Last Lecture", a ct scan of the 10 tumors on his lever. Pausch's speech turned out to be more than an academic exercise, it became a glorifying homage to life filled with a variety of lessons world renowned management guru's would be jealous of.

The full video is to be seen at: