Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Turkey, Istanbul. Adding universities to The WSJE Future Leadership Program.

The Wall Street Journal Europe is now present in 7 Universities in Turkey.
Today I visited 3 of them. First stop: Istanbul Ticaret University. Private University funded by a Commerz Association. Department of Communication has its own tv and radio broadcast equipment. The students make 2 news editions a day for local television. Impressive.

Turkish distribution company Dunya is helping me in a fenomenal way. 2 managers, 1 car and 1 driver are at my disposal for 3 days. Originally I had rented a car to drive around in Istanbul myself. Dunya convinced me that was a bad idea. I cancelled the car... very very glad I did that now I have seen how people drive in Turkey. Let's say that Turkish drivers haven't reached the era of enlightment yet. Pictured: Mrs Elvan A. explaining me how Turkish people examine the coffee pulp in their cups to determine the future (if the pulp resembles a fish you will win a lot of money, if the pulp resembles a man on a horse you will be married soon).

Marmara University with The Wall Street Journal Europe cardboard
stand in the reception area of the central library. The university has about 60.000 students. 40.000 of them follow classes in buildings around the central library. In front of one of the buildings we saw a genuine fighter plane.

Koc University. Private University. Clean. Modern. Marble.
Koc University is part of the Koc Holding funded by the Koc Foundation.
The Uni is situated in the mountains, in the woods, 40 min from Istanbul center.
They seem to have a very interesting Executive MBA progran.
Makes you want to start studying again.

Open air bookshop in Ortakoy region, couldn't help myself, bought 2 English management books.

Taksim district, appealing walking area.
Sat down in corner of the Golden Horn street restaurant eating
things I can't pronounce.