Thursday, February 10, 2011

Gert Van Mol Joins Maurice De Velder's Think Media

Gert Van Mol, former VIP Program Manager The Wall Street Journal Europe, accepted an advisory role at Belgium's fastest growing digital publishing house Think Media nv. CEO Think Media Maurice De Velder founded Think Media nv, formerly known as Fabrieken der Gebroeders de Beukelaar, in 1991. Think Media publishes brands such as P-Magazine, Che Magazine, MotorWereld, Motoren & Toerisme, Moto & Loisirs, Spoorweg Journaal, Modelspoor Magazine, Clint portal, 4Gamers portal, Menzo Magazine, Chief Magazine and Official PlayStation Magazine. Think Media is also involved in Life!Tv, Outdoor billboarding and radio. is currently the largest infotainment portal in Flanders.