Saturday, March 12, 2011

Belgian Army identifies lost helicopter 45 years after missing in action in Congo

More than 45 years ago the military helicopter of Robert 'Bob' Jacobs and 2 colleagues disappeared during a rescue operation in Congo. It took the Belgian Army almost 45 years to find back the helicopter. It was only in 2010, under the leadership of Defense Minister De Crem, that an expedition was organised to investigate what was believed to be the crash site. They found the crash site in the middle of the jungle. Research showed that the remains of the helicopter were part of the lost helicopter of Bob and his comrades. Unfortunately nature destroyed all possible human remains. "Bob" was the brother of my wife's mother. We named our second son after him. We had always told our children we would organise a symbolic expedition to find the helicopter in Africa when they would be around 21 years of age.