Wednesday, April 27, 2011

OLPC CEO Walter De Brouwer organizes World Premier of TEDxKids Conference

Join the world premier of TEDx Kids@Brussels taking place on June 1, 2011 at St John's International School in Waterloo, Belgium!

2 events in 148 kids, all of them born in 2000, are going to get their hands dirty, soldering, tinkering, hacking and composing. A series of hands-on workshops will introduce the kids to a range of skills and methods. At the same time 400 adults will be treated to an all day program of leading thinkers, experts and makers. They'll get regular updates on the workshops from some leading child psychologists throughout the day.

Maker Kids?The future aims of primary education could be a rich mix of learning by doing, hacking the physical world and taking direct control of the technologies around us. Kids could use this knowledge to be more connected to each other and the wider world. We want to give them the tools to directly influence the physical and social ecosphere in the hope that this creates freedom and empowerment for the future.

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