Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Pauwels Sauzen supports The Future Leadership Institute

The Future Leadership Institute, formerly known as The Wall Street Journal Future Leadership Institute, became independent in 2012. The goal of The Future Leadership Institute is to bridge 'University', 'Industry' and 'Society'. The adagio is "Inquirere et Immutare", or "To Study and To Reform". Since 2012 circa 50 executives living and working in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia donate a certain amount of their time to help fulfill the goal of the Institue by bringing together studentleaders and C-Suit representatives around topices relevant to society.

Today Pauwels Sauzen (Pauwels Sauces) joined a group of companies supporting The Future Leadership Institute. Pauwels Sauzen produces high quality sauces and is considered a key sauces partner for Europe's leaders in retail, catering, export and co-packing.