Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Management of ideas: Libero + The Wall Street Journal Europe

For 4 days the superselling Italian political newspaper Libero will be sold together with the business newspaper The Wall Street Journal Europe (WSJE) in the Milan region. Contrary to the declining European newspaper industry Libero managed to grow constantly the last couple of years reaching a circulation of 250.000 copies in Italy. And that for a pure political newspaper!!! I don't know what their secret recipe is but their growth is extra-ordinary. Libero came up with the idea and request to sell two quality newspapers together in 1 plastic bag for just 1 Euro in Milan as a test. They were willing to print WSJE after their own printrun at their printplant near Monza, Italy. A specialized company will then pollywrap both newspapers together. Three other companies will combine forces to distribute the combination package to 750 newsstands in the Milan region. It is a unique project in Europe. It is an intricate game of diving deep into consumerminds: Libero is in the Italian language, WSJE in English. Libero is about politics, WSJE about business, Libero says it is mildly conservative, WSJE is... a bit more than just 'mildly' conservative. On the field, especially during the night, it requires the involvement of several teams speaking 4 different languages (Italian, English, French and Dutch) from at least 7 independent companies (Libero, their printplant Litosud, WSJE, a packing company, three distributors).

(advertisement in the May 10 issue of the Italian newspaper Libero informing readers about the fact that Libero will come together with the WSJE in the Milan region, for only 1 Euro for both newspapers.)