Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Management by sports

An advertising campaign for WSJE targeted to retail stores in the Middle East during the 2006 Football World Championship.

I do not entirely agree with the slogan from the first poster.
It is a fact that in the US a lot of topsport coaches and managers of sports clubs have the same status as some managementguru's.
Think of well renowned baseball coaches or managers as Connie Mack, Joe Torre, Dusty Baker, Earl Weaver or Doug Melvin. Whatever they did on the field with their respective teams was transferred to herds of lesson seeking managers and leaders in the corporate business world. They all became part of the management industry, selling books, giving speeches, exploring the transfer of ideas and principles from the world of sports to the world of business. In Europe, that is also a fact, we are no way near implementing sportsbased management knowledge into the business world. Although football is the number one sport in Europe, football trainers haven't found their way yet to the management forums. Or vice versa, corporate managers haven't understood yet what valuable lessons are to be learned from the psycho-dynamics one can find in a typical sports environment. So in fact the WSJE add is partly right.