Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Order a castle. And you'll receive photobook. Management of ideas.

A neighbour organised a party for the birthday of his daughter of 5. He ordered a jumpcastle online. At the correct day a van pulled up his driveway, a castle was unloaded and installed in his garden. He realised afterwards he didn't even know where the van came from or where the castle company was located.

Much to his surprise he received a digital camera to go with the castle. The driver told him that he could use the camera during the party. After the party they would take the camera to the office again and put all the pictures on a secluded photobook on the companies website. The driver handed out a bundle of leaflets, mentioning a code to enter the photobook.

The neighbour gave all the parents picking up their child such a leaflet. When visiting the photobook it turns out you can not only see your child having fun at the jumpcastle, you even can order a printed version of the pictures to be send to you. How smart is all this ? The marketing of hiring jumpcastles is clearly technology driven these days.

I am planning a birthday party myself, the jumpcastle business was completley strange to me...untill I looked for the photobook of the children at the party. Guess where I probably will order a jumpcastle ? And even I still do not know where the jumpcastle company is located.