Friday, February 16, 2007

Following up on Trader Magazine Ops in London on Valentine's day.

50.000 Trader Magazines destined to go to London.
The high quality glossy magazines are printed in Belgium.

Main target: Traders working in the financial district around Canary Wharf.

Delivery people hardly see daylight. All deliveries take place underground
in order not to disturb normal traffic during daytime at street level.

Brokers discussing Valentine's gift.

New: To feed the high earning Trader: A Truffle and Caviar island
in the corridor under the Canary Wharf center skyscrapers.

My diner after midnight. Most of it retrievable in hotelroom's waste basket.

The Wall Street Journal printplant and the WSJE fulfilment company where Trader Magazine is processed are currently located at Stratford. Picture above: First signs of preparation to tear down old buildings around Stratford to make place for the Olympic games in 2012. Both our printplant and fulfilment company are forced to relocate to new sites the coming months.