Monday, September 15, 2008

Massai Wisdom for Western Businesses

A group of tribal Massai elders visited the Institute of Directors in London a few months ago. Purpose of the visit was to discover if leadership skills of Massai could be valuable tools in our Western company cultures.

Some Massai wisdom:
- "One Head is Not So Wise": Business people should seek advice from other members in their organisation, no matter from what level.

- "Think Nomadically": Define your cattle (your customers and capital), define your green pastures (marketing opportunities). Focus on getting the two together.
- "Sense of Community": Makes your company stronger, it keeps your company together, everyone has a say. All members in the organisation are given high levels of responsibility, therefore all members take pride in themselves and in the part they play in the organisation.
- Most Important Qualities of a Massai Leader (CEO): Patience, Courage and the Ability to Ask Questions.
- "Don't Get into a Fair Fight": You might lose. Find out what you are good at, focus on that. Play to win.
- "Take the Lead": Tribal leadership is about courage. Have the courage to take difficult decisions. Luck is not a strategy.