Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The Cloud Car

The app landscape is getting a new playground: the car industry.
More and more car brands are launching apps to become social (BMW, Toyota, Ford ...), mainly driven by alternate modes of transportation that customers are looking at. Connectivity, convergence and media should keep the customers happy and in the car. On short-term opportunities apps in mobile phones with car control, entertainment and communication systems are the most logical market, where after years of security and system trials, the roll-out has started :
BMW has invested $100 million in BMW iVentures, where the first investment is a startup called MyCityWay. Other connected car projects, like Toyota Friends and Ford’s American Journey are ongoing. Long-term opportunities for car brands will have a stronger impact on the mobility topic in general, as also the connected trains are moving forward with several new projects in 2011-2012, where they all try to keep us on the move, happy and connected.

by Marc Van Steyvoort, Guest Author http://www.mediaconversations.be/