Thursday, August 04, 2011

Wikipedia - Kingdom of Anonymous Assassins

I have never been involved in Wikipedia. I got a call from a friend today about his experience in trying to become a "Wikipedian". He also sent me a list of comments he received by so called high level Wikipedia administrators who apparently have been busy deleting his entrees on Wikipedia. I was quite surprised to read the harsh and abrasive language that is being used behind the Wikipedia wall to attack, kill, assassinate, destroy and terminate lower ranked Wikipedia authors or at least their entrees. Most of the higher ranked administrators seem to spend many hours per day deleting other peoples articles. Most of them do this anonymously. Most of them seem to hide behind an almost incomprehensible vocabulary, justifying their military-like actions in the virtual world. It is as if Wikipedia is organized like a virtual medieval European kingdom, with a group of Americans playing dictator instead of king. How revealing. How strange.