Friday, April 14, 2006

If your upcoming business careers were a movie plot, it would resemble the movie "Speed."

“Speed Saves: Living on the Edge is America’s Edge”

6 thoughts from a speech of Mitchell E. Daniels (a US Governor) in a Lecture for the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. Read the complete and sometimes hilarious (certainly from a European viewpoint) speech at:

1. While the European Union busies itself writing layer upon layer of rules, Americans are starting 600,000 new businesses every year.
2. It seems an American can conceive, finance, launch a business, and fail or succeed in less time than it takes a European to get a license to operate.
3. Americans fix problems as they arise; Europeans often seem bent on preventing any chance of trouble arising in the first place.
4. At Mothers Work, a maker of maternity apparel, the motto is "Give the lady what she wants when she wants it."
5. Thomas Edison ran 2000 unsuccessful experiments before his filament produced sustained illumination. When a reporter asked him how he dealt with all that failure, Edison said "I never failed. I invented the light bulb in a 2000-step process."
6. America loves winners, but we love losers even more, when they get back on the track and into the race.