Sunday, April 30, 2006

Master Sun said:

Managing many
Is the same as
Managing few;
It is a question of

Figthing with many
Is the same as
Fighting with few;
It is a matter of
Marshalling men
With gongs,
Identifying them
With flags.

The Skilful Warrior attacks
So that the enemy
Cannot defend;
He defends
So that the enemy
Cannot attack.

Stems from
Preparing against attack.
Stems from
Obliging the enemy
To prepare against an attack.

He who advances
Without seeking
Who retreats
Without escaping
He whose one aim is
To protect his people
And serve his lord,
This man is
A Jewel of the Realm.

Never move
Except for gain;
Never deploy
Except for victory;
Never fight
Except in a crisis.

(Sun Tzu - The Art of War - Strike with Chaos)