Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Albrecht on outsourcing war (7)

By writing about Albrecht I stumbled upon his recently created personal blog (http://www.partlybakedideas.blogspot.com). The blog shows 'off-beat, off-the-wall, partly-formed, embryonic snippets of ideas, offered solely for their curiosity value'. One of his off-the-wall ideas is to outsource war.

"Business experts are fond of advising companies to "outsource" - i.e. have somebody else do - everything but their "core competencies." This has led to a global shake-out as various business functions get outsourced to countries (and companies in those countries) who are able to do it cheaper (and sometimes better).This leads to an intriguing proposition: all countries could outsource their warmaking efforts to the United States. After all, the US is clearly the leading military force in the world, with the latest technology and the most highly trained, expert fighters. No other country makes war as well as the US does. If all countries outsourced their warmaking to the US, they could be sure of getting the best operations for their money.

Where would this lead? For one thing, the country willing to put up the most money would always win, because both sides would be buying military operations of identical quality.The drawback, one might say, would be that Americans would be fighting against each other. But, if the best-funded side would always win, then Americans could simply scale down the battles to make sure the right sponsor won, but with minimum casualties - and higher profits. In the end, maybe the wars could be fought with computers, and the losing side would have to pay money to the winning side. Would this work?"