Wednesday, October 25, 2006

London City Airport Bookstore - Business Chart

Whenever I arrive at London City Airport I have to go to the public area Bookstore at ground level (there's only one). I guess most readers know by now I have a weakness for books in general, management books in particular. So I can't help myself but to check out which book the store manager put on nr 1 position, nor can I wait to see which book actually generated some sales between my visits. The past couple of months 'Winning' from Jack Welch or 'Freakonomics' from Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner seem to stand out in sales.

I also like to wait a bit between the detectives and the historic novels, from where you have an excellent but somewhat hidden view on the Business Charts to check out who is buying the management books (it is also the perfect place from where to take a quick picture with a digital camera -amateur results see below- without being noticed or reprimanded by smiling yet unforgiving young African store clerks). The results speak for themselves. Buyers of business books are male, male, male (I have never ever seen a woman buy a management book). The younger buyer is around his thirties and wears a smart costume. He is to become the next CEO of the company he works for. The older buyer is around his late forties, begin fifties and wears a shabby costume. He always dreamt of the CEO position in one of the companies he worked for. Recently he became self-employed because he was a victim of a rationalization round in his last company.