Friday, October 20, 2006

Following New Trader Magazine to its UK Market

I followed the first issue of Trader magazine produced and co-published by Dow Jones, from the Belgian printplant to the UK market. More than 50.000 traders working in the financial district of London will receive their personal copy this week.

It is by all means a fantastic magazine, brilliantly targeted to high potentials with unearthly high incomes and spending habits.

Distribution in the heart of London to the worlds biggest financial conglomerates, grouped around Bishopsgate or Canary Wharf is an art on its own.
Magazines are transferred from dark underground loading docks protected by grim looking guards, via shabby elevators to marble led corridors and design lit reception area's, operated by stunning receptionists drawn from tv commercials.

I had the privilege of accompaning Jimmy and Diane, a couple that lives from distributing newspapers and magazines to this schizophrenic world day by day, never in bed before 4 AM, to be at work again before noon time. (They have 1 client they are really proud of, Downing Street 10, the house of the prime minister, who wants all major UK newspapers delivered to his door within 15 minutes after printing)

London, Canary Wharf, after work drink

Canary Wharf, Financial District,
(left: Reuters builing)