Saturday, March 03, 2007

Cambridge - Judge Business School MBA

Unexpected encounter at King's College (°1441 by Henry VI) in Cambridge.
A group of young boys moves hastily over the courtyard and crosses my path. It was as if time stood still. (I think Howards End, Remains of the Day.)(I recognise the scarf. I had exactly the same scarf when I was 10. In my case it was the scarf of Beerschot, a Belgian football club). The boys take off their top hats when entering King's College Church. They must be the choir boys attending the 5.30PM 'Choral Evensong'.

One of the more famous alumni of King's College was John Maynard Keynes.

Corpus Christi College (°1352)
The university of Cambridge originated in 1209, when scholars fleeing from hostile
townsmen in Oxford migrated to Cambridge to settle there.

Clare College (°1326)
Clare College is the second oldest of Cambridge’s thirty-one colleges.
A College is the place where students live, eat and socialise. It is also the place where they receive small group teaching sessions, known as supervisions, individualised academic support through Directors of Studies and individualised pastoral support through College Tutors.

View from St John's College (°1511) - Punting on the Cam
A punt is a flat-bottomed boat which does not have a keel. It is propelled by means of a long pole. Punts were introduced as pleasure craft in Edwardian times, since then punting has become one of the most popular ways to see the famous bridges and colleges along the River Cam.

The Judge Business School is the international business school of Cambridge University in England. Formerly known as The Institute of Management Studies the school was renamed after Britisch businessman Paul Judge, who donated 8 million Pounds in 1990. Each year approximately 110 students will follow the 12 month MBA program. Admission standards are known to be very strict. Most of the MBA students, about 90 %, come from abroad. The MBA program was ranked 15th worldwide by the Financial Times Global MBA Rankings 2007.