Friday, March 09, 2007

Difference Between Leaders and Managers (6)

Some belief there are 5 types of behavior to be associated with sustained success in an organization. Most of the time these behaviors are allocated to 'leaders':

  1. Challenging processes - Willing to challenge the way things are done; including the way in which they do things themselves.
  2. Inspiring a shared vision. Not only stating a vision, but also building peoples' understanding of, and commitment to, the vision.
  3. Enabling others. Ensuring that people are not only empowered to act, but creating an environment which releases their potential.
  4. Modelling the way. Acting as a consistent role model, demonstrating the behaviours others are being asked to display.
  5. Encouraging the Heart. Taking every opportunity to recognise and encourage others.

(Kouznes and Posner, 1998)