Monday, May 14, 2007

Following Wall Street Journal copies from Zurich to Milan

Wall Street Journal Europe has a new partner in Italy. My team is following up on the transition in the field. Most of our Italian copies however are printed in Zurich, Switzerland. I have the pleasure of driving from Zurich to Milan overnight with Sadat, a 26 year old driver, who left his job at DHL 1 month ago to come and join our Swiss distributor securing each night the 4 hour drive from Swiss to Italy. To illustrate that globalisation goes hand in hand with immigration, he explains that he originates from Macedonia, lives in Switzerland, speaks Swiss German with his young wife and child, but speaks Albanian with the rest of his family because that is actually his mother tongue. Even more in detail, his sister, Raimi, who got him his new job, working nights in our Swiss printplant as a mailroom responsible, now carries a Serbian name after marrying a Serbian man. And yes, he thinks Kosovo should be a state on his own.

To get to starting point in Zurich I have to fly from Brussels to Zurich, followed by a train from Zurich to Will, followed by a city taxi to the outskirts of Rickenbach.

Wall Street Journal and Barron's arriving at a retail depot in Milan at 4 AM after an exhausting 4 hour drive from Zurich.