Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New job ?

Thus far this was the strangest day of the year. I received independently two job offers today. The first job offer came remarkably enough through this blog. An intriguing Adsense ad-by-Google showed up on this blog last week. Normally you can not click on the ads on your own blog (Google might kick you out of the Adsense program you committed to). I switched to another server to be able to open and read the ad. Without telling too much (signed an nda), it involved blogging knowledge and a certain affinity with Europe. I was surprised (I am not a 'blog professional' so to speak) to be invited by the future employers and over an excellent swordfish lunch they explained me about their plans. All very, very interesting stuff.

When I came back to the office another department head of The Wall Street Journal had sent me a cryptic e-mail mentioning a 'possible opportunity' for me. We met, I received some more explanation, and again, without telling too much, it indeed could be a rare opportunity for me. If I would accept, my working life will completely change; I even would be working more in the environment of the content of this blog.

More about all this the coming days, I have a lot to think about.