Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Wall Street Journal, night operations in Italy

16.00h (Mon 14-05-2007) : Italy, Milan station
The "Mandarin Duck", a Eurostar Train, will take me to Rome.

20.30h: Arrival Rome trainstation.
(Every big Italian railwaystation suffers from an explosion of flatscreens. There is no
flatscreen-free-pilar to be found anymore.)

Our new distribution team in Rome, Emilianpress, will take me to the printplant in Carsoli.
Second to the left, owner Daniele. Tonight I will accompany 'Goldy-Singh' (or Massimo for his friends), far left, on his distribution tour.

23.00h: printplant in Carsoli, 78 km from Rome:
waiting for "good copies" of The Wall Street Journal
to come from the press.

00. 20h: mailroom in the printplant:
IESE stickers are glued manually to the newspaper.
'Goldy-Singh' and I will leave printplant around 01.30AM.

01.55h: First stop: printplant Lito Sud.
The loading dock of Lito Sud is a connection point for dozens of drivers and different newspaper titles. Wall Street Journal copies are passed around to drivers from the TAV cooperative, who in the first place come to Lito Sud to collect one of the biggest local Roman newspapers, Il Messaggero.

02.25h: Second stop: HDR.
Certain copies for Fiumicino airport are dropped of.

02.55h: Third stop: Galetti:
Delivery of another batch of copies for Fiumicino airport.

03.00h: Fourth stop: IMC:
Delivery of a third batch of Wall Street journal copies for Fiumicino Airport.

04.30h: Rome Center: I will go to my hotel in the center of Rome,
but 'Goldie-Singh' still has some deliveries to attend to.
He will finish his tour around 10 AM.
(view from balcony of my hotelroom).

14.00h (Tuesday 15-05):
Taxi from Rome center to Fiumicino airport

17.30h: somewhere above the Alps: flying from Rome to Brussels