Friday, July 06, 2007

New Design for Impactroom Blog

The Blogger platform on which the Impactroom blog has been build, launched a beta version of its technology a while ago. The old Impactroom lay-out has been crippled since. The characters in the side-bar were changing size, the width of the body took me months to decide to change for the better. By changing to a new template I lost a lot of side bar info which will have to be added again in the weeks, months to come.The nice thing about the blogosphere is the help you can get from the blogger community. I received a lot of help of like minded bloggers, but one guy, I only know him by the name of Vin, gave me outstanding feedback and html/css tips, for free. The way he serviced me, an unknown client, is remarkable. Actually he gave me better service than any computer company I worked with in the past where I had to pay by the hour. In return I will gladly post the logo of a blog he created to help find your way in the blogosphere.