Monday, June 25, 2007

Anthony Robbins: Unleash the Power Within: DAY 4

Last day of the seminar. This day is all about living a healthy life. Anthony Robbins transforms himself into a doctor-teacher who lectures his class on different aspects of the human body, chemically, psychologically, anatomically.Around noon I suddenly realise that the background on the huge screens in the room doesn't match the background behind the stage. I ask the people around me if Anthony Robbins is actually on stage. The hugging, singing, massaging have brought me to sit at the last row (easier to escape) so there is quite a distance between the stage and us. Everybody assures me Anthony is on stage. Indeed I see some people on stage, but not one of them resembles Robbins. I ask one of the volunteers passing by if Robbins is present today. Yes, she says, "in spirit".How does he do that ? They guy is nowhere near the Excel center in London, but he still manages to have the people think he is with them in London.I then realise that we are actually looking at a very professional videotape, the whole morning already. The content of the tape needlessly matches the events in the conference room, and vice-verse. If it wasn't for the not-matching background I wouldn't have realised we were all looking at a tape.The tape switches between images of Robbins on stage somewhere sometime in the past and a guy called "Joseph" who replaces Robbins as physical front man. Joseph is a well groomed trainee, he applies the same techniques to have the audience stand up, shout, yell, cry, hug, massage or simply breath the correct way.

(picture 1: Robbins on screen)(picture 2: substitute Joseph)