Friday, June 01, 2007

Queen Elisabeth International Music Competition

from left to right: the 12 fimalists of this year's piano competition
Mr. Dumont François (France), Mr. Khegay Stanislav (Kazakhstan), Ms. Vinnitskaya Anna (Russia), Queen Fabiola of Belgium, Mr. Rashkovskiy Ilya (Russia), Mr. Piemontesi Francesco (Switzerland), Mademoiselle Mangova Plamena (Bulgaria), Mr. Vanbeckevoort Liebrecht (Belgium), Ms. Lee Miyeon (Korea), Ms. Kawamura Hisako (Japan), Ms. Vacatello Mariangela (Italy), Ms. Lim Hyo-Sun (Korea), Mr. Youn Hong-Chun (Korea) (Picture: Bruno Vessié)

I am not blogging as usual. Blame it to the Queen Elisabeth International Music Competition of Belgium. Every evening this week 2 finalists out of 12 are performing in Brussels. This year it will be the 15th edition devoted to piano. The competition started in 1937 as the Ysaÿe Competition, in 1951 to be renamed after Queen Elisabeth. In the past the Queen Elisabeth Competition organised its competitions in a four-year cycle: Violin, Piano, Singing and a fallow year. I understood they will skip the fallow year in the future, making it work around a three year circle. The Queen Elisabeth Competition is open to musicians who have already completed their training and who are ready to launch their international careers.

I admire young people who are able to meet ultimate goals or perform at exceptionally high levels. There is a clear line between hard work and talent. However there is a more blurry line between being talented and being a genius. Where ends the talent, where starts the genius ?

There are a lot of comparisons to be made between the world of managers and the world of musicians. More about this later on.