Thursday, June 21, 2007

Motivational course in London

I will go to London tomorrow to follow one of these extra-ordinary motivational courses of Anhony Robbins (picture). Actually I would never have gone there if it wasn't for this blog. Some 8 months ago a Google ad for a free management book appeared on this Impactroom blog. I was interested, changed server (never click on your own ads!), and applied for the free book. Not long after the application I received a friendly call from a company in Cyprus (!). They wished to check my address. Two weeks later I received the book. A few days thereafter I was called again to ask if I had received the book. I couldn't understand the dynamics behind this service. How many thousands of these books were sent around the world ? What was the catch ?? The book appeared to be from Anthony Robbins a name only vaguely familiar to me. The friendly man from Cyprus grew into being a keen salesperson for motivational courses from the author. My initial idea was to propose the Robbins organization to pay for a generic ad on this blog, but I soon discovered the mouse was asking the elephant over for tea. I learned that Accenture regarded Robbins as one of the world's most significant 50 management guru's. One reason why they were not so interested in taking a fixed ad :-) To cut the story short Robbins has been presented to me as the Messiah. Since I have been looking for my own private management God anyway, why not give him a try.