Friday, August 31, 2007

10 tips for leaders

An Impactroom reader sent me following 10 tips for leaders. Author of the 10 tips is Alvah Parker, an advisor for lawyers.

1. The leader has a strong vision for the firm and knows how s(he) sees it growing. S(he) shares that vision with administrative staff and all others in the firm.

2. The leader has a simple mission statement that is read each week as the leader plans the week. Making business choices that are in line with the mission is a key to success.

3. The leader writes a business plan including a marketing plan every year and manages to it during the year. Everyone in the firm understands the plan and how his or her work impacts the plan.

4. Team work is encouraged by the leader and the firm’s culture is cooperative rather than adversarial and competitive.

5. The leader has big goals that everyone understands and is committed to – more than just a perfunctory commitment everyone is excited about the possibilities.

6. The leader interacts with all the employees and understands how the work flows through the office. S(he) is on top of bottlenecks that slow the work flow. S(he) helps to resolve the bottlenecks by appointing a team to investigate it or adds the necessary resource.

7. The leader checks frequently to see if s(he) is on track with the business plan. When the firm is not on track, the plan is adjusted to get back on track.

8. The leader gives frequent feedback to employees regarding their progress toward their goals. S(he) keeps the firm updated as to progress on the business plan.

9. The staff is recognized by the leader for the high quality work they do and the staff is acknowledged for the integral part each person has in the success of the firm.

10. The leader is grooming others in the firm to be leaders not just managers.

(Alvah Parker is a Practice Advisor for Lawyers and Career Coach as well as publisher of Parker’s Points)