Wednesday, August 01, 2007

While on holiday: Dow Jones sold

I receive numerous messages on Blackberry. Apparently the company I work for, Dow Jones, mother company of The Wall Street Journal newspaper, has finally been sold to News Corp, owned by Mr. Murdoch. The current owners, the Bancroft family, have agreed to sell 37 % of the voting shares, which apparently opens the door for a merger. I spoke to several journalists before leaving on holiday. They all were very, I must say VERY, worried about a potential merger with the Murdoch company. Most of them opposed the potential deal vehemently. On the other hand the people from the business side I spoke to rather welcomed such a deal because it would probably lead to more investments in areas that were heavily hit by the cut backs from the past years. Personally I think it's an interesting management case portraying the advantages and disadvantages of family owned businesses who come to survive several generations. From what I have read it seems that in this case a younger generation chose to cash in on the legacy of their forefathers. It is like selling the diamond ring on the hand of your grandmother while she is still alive. Of course I am in no position at all to judge other people's dealings and decisions. It still will be a thrill to work for a prestigious brand and I am very curious to see how the merger will affect the business.