Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Christian Salez CEO of Delvaux

Excitement. I just heard that Christain Salez became the new CEO of Delvaux, the luxury leather brand my mother and father regularly refer to as one of their dream brands. My father speaks about buying a Jaguar for years now, but he will never buy one. My mother speaks about my father buying her a Delvaux since last century, but she will never receive any. Products without price tags in the showroom tend to have that effect on 'normal' people.

Salez and I come from the same school. And we had a strange 'affair' in the last year of high school. We both wrote and produced a theater play. He hired Arenberg theater, I hired Elcerlijck. He wrote a French play. I wrote a Flemish play. He wrote a sort of musical. I can't sing. He had a full house, or at least that is what I remember of it. I had a three quarter house. His play was smooth and mature. Mine was experimental -very-. Everybody expected him to end up in the Arts but he became a successful entrepreneur instead. TBWA, Vicindo (bought Artis Historia and terminated it!), Vincotte, Delvaux. He also created a remarkable non profit for sick children in hospitals "Simon and Odil".

(Christian Salez, third from the left)