Monday, March 17, 2008

France, Paris, Catherine Deneuve and The Da Vinci Code

Sometimes you meet people who have something mythical over them. Today I met T.F. again, a man who once worked for the American Embassy in Brussels. He retired with his wife in Paris. We met at Place Saint Sulpice. Standing at the foot of the fountain he pointed out a nice apartment at 76, Rue Bonaparte, 6th floor. "The apartment of Catherine Deneuve", he whispered. "Once in a while I see her in this neighborhood; she is not very well dressed most of the time."
I will work with Mr. F. the coming months. I am very curious. He has the tel. nr. of Richard Branson in his agenda.

Before leaving Paris I quickly visited Église Saint Sulpice. I knew the church had two things I was interested in. One was the world renowned pipe organ from Aristide Cavaillé-Coll and the other was the gnomon described in The Da Vinci Code. In the church you will find a meridian line of brass running across the floor, ascending in an obelisk. A ray of sun will pass a lens in a south transept window and will move along the brass line.

(Picture: 76, Rue Bonaparte, 6th floor, floor with balconies: Home of Catherine Deneuve)