Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Science + Industry = Sciendustry

The Future Leadership Program of The Wall Street Journal Europe contains now 165 top universities and business schools or 180 campuses. It is by far the newspaper with the strongest campus penetration in Europe. To create extra value on top of the physical distribution of our newspaper into universities, I created The WSJE Future Leadership Institute.

The WSJE Future Leadership Institute is a virtual institute that acts as a bridge between university and industry. More and more I see and experience the differences between the world of science and the world of industry. The difference between both worlds is primarily based on different rewarding systems. He who wants to score in the universitary world has to produce articles, he who wants to score in the industry has to sell products.

It is clear that there is a growing industry to be found on the border of university (science) and industry, bridging both worlds. It is the playing field of the "Sciendustry". (To my surprise the domainname was still for sale, so I quickly cornered the term :-)

More about the "Sciendustry" in posts to follow.