Friday, January 26, 2007

Mission Statement - International Herald Tribune - with a sense of humor...

The Mission statements keep coming in :-)
A very interesting mission statement is the one of the International Herald Tribune (IHT). Especially the last one of their Rules of the Road seems to energize some IHT employees.

Our Core Purpose
Enhance society by creating, collecting and distributing high quality news, information and entertainment.

Our Core Values

  • Content of the highest quality and integrity--This is the basis for our reputation and the means by which we fulfill the public trust and our customers' expectations.
  • Fair treatment of employees based on respect, accountability and standards of excellence.
  • Creating long-term shareholder value through investment and constancy of purpose.
  • Good corporate citizenship.

Rules of the Road
Success at The New York Times Company means more than achieving our financial and journalistic goals. Our Company believes that all employees should conduct themselves in a manner consistent with our tenets of behavior, our Rules of the Road:

  • Be stewards of our Company's brand reputation and assets.
  • Treat each other with honesty, respect and civility.
  • Uphold the highest journalistic, business and personal ethics.
  • Keep a relentless focus on serving our customers.
  • Innovate to reach our full competitive potential.
  • Execute with urgency, agility and excellence.
  • Champion diversity.
  • Collaborate to harness our collective strengths.
  • Achieve results by challenging yourself and mentoring others.
  • Maintain perspective and a sense of humor.