Friday, January 12, 2007

Take Care, Take Care, Take Care

My brother, Jan, recently emigrated to South Africa. He's considered an expert on 'creativity'. Years ago he created a virtual creative community, membership surpassing 4.000 members today ( His office helps or helped clients such as BMW, Diesel, Nike, Thalys, IMEC, Levi's... Although from Belgium, he is quite a popular speaker in Australia.

Now he and his family are facing the transition to a completely different culture. His two kids (6 and 5) re-entered school this week. Not their little Flemish local community school, but an American International School in South Africa, with...guards, fences, English, 50 nationalities, and a daily morning ceremony including the 'code'. During this ceremony all childeren will recite a short code of just 3 lines, after which anybody with an issue, can address the community publicly. This way enabling the children to learn to speak in public. There is a lesson here.

The 'code':
Take care of yourself.
Take care of the others.
Take care of this place.

American International School in South Africa
Morning Ceremony including the 'Code'