Friday, April 11, 2008

Paris Jungle

Meeting the extremely well connected TF again in the heart of Paris. Besides the fact he is interested to help me develop the Future Leadership Institute by opening a few doors to people, he is also a connoisseur of Paris' history and architecture.
He is
the sort of person that knows the owners and staff of all good shops in his neighborhood by name.

He invited me to his home office built on the roof of a prestigious appartment block in the center of Paris. He has a small terrace attached to the office, and when you step outside and look down, you look on the roof of the house of ... d'Artagnan.

One of the entrances of his building leads to a small alley, and ends up in a piece of South American jungle with an old wooden construction, a former house of a painter, dating back to the days the regio was in hands of poor artists. Suddenly the sound of the city has vanished. You only hear the wind in trees and birds. Today it is one of the most expensive areas of Paris, where you not only find the appartment of Katherine de Neuve, but also the best baker of Paris, Mulot.